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Captain Obvious 5 years ago
I just read a really sad article about this place. The old lady who helps the girls in and out of the leg holders slipped on a pile of cum and broke her neck.
dream 5 years ago
if STDs didn't exist, I'd work here every fucking night
Potato 5 years ago
The girls look so unhappy....well I guess working like that everyday sex will eventually get boring and unsatisfying just to be used like that. They should make a place women can come to enjoy men like that instead
Sarah 5 years ago
soooo how do I get a job here?
Not Nasty 5 years ago
This is some nasty shit. Why would I want to stick my dick in a pussy that just got filled with another man's nut? No thanks.
Amanda 5 years ago
I wanna be one of those girls and have my tight pussy fucked until I squirt
Captain caveman 5 years ago
My brother captain obvious neglected to update the old lady who slipped just got a 2 million dollar settlement which included unlimited cum leftovers on the floor
Amy 5 years ago
This is one of the hottest videos I've ever fucking seen oh my god
Damn 6 years ago
He is giving it to that big titted brunette... i love watching those tits bounce... got me in here grinding my pussy on the fucking arm of the couch lol. Id love to get fucked like this for a day
Damn 5 years ago
I want to go there just fuck all day