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Dr oz 3 years ago
He might as well just deliver the damm baby.
lolz 3 years ago
One day this kid will be looking at retro porn and see his mom.
3 years ago
This needs to stop
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Thee are the kids that shoot up schools cause their mom was getting fist fucked n their third trimester smh
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poor baby getting rammed in the head
Poor kid. 3 years ago
Mommy's a fucking whore
Rush 3 years ago
Personally, I think every father should shake hands with his unborn child
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So she eated the cum ? the baby eat what the mom eat... that mean this kid has eated cum before even be born
Mikey 3 years ago
Could you find anyone more retarded looking for the males role?
Incestisbest 3 years ago
I love fucking preggers!