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wildstallion 2 years ago
angela looks great! so sad though....I remember AJ when she was skinny
2 years ago
U kerico
2 years ago
Angela hello I am very love you and I love watching movies always are making my penis erect Atjahec I want to Adajek from behind
2 years ago
I'm waiting for you
2 years ago
I want to suck your chest and TizkIt's really the nicest and most beautiful chest Mok
3 years ago
Hi Angela just a suggestion, I know the encounter was supposed to be a chance meeting and the two were happy to see each other, but what seems to be missing is the emotion, and compliments that they should be giving each other. Missing someone you like and want to be with. That’s a real turn on when you see this. Might be good to express feelings of attachment and maybe love perhaps. Just a thought.
Alf 3 years ago
Angela my sweet darling you don’t have to dress up quite so tarty. You are sexy no matter what you wear. I love your big boobs, they are massive and the sight of them can make my cock swell. But I love your natural charming smile and I love the sound of your voice. All the best. I will wank my self in your honour. Love from Melbourne.