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30 years old 2 years ago
my wife do that to me to and she pregnant to
Seeder 2 years ago
She is amazing. Know your purpose ladies .Tho the womb is fertilized she still takes care of her seeder.
Prolife 2 years ago
When you impregnate a women, it is a overall win for everyone. She gets knocked up and gets the privilege of feeling new life growing inside her and transforming her body into a swollen up paradise with swelling in all the right places;) women are normally insatiably horny that they want our dicks several times a day:) not only are we getting pussy all the time when they are knocked up but we created a life:)
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Damn She if fine! My wife spent about three total years pregnant. Her tits looked like this, and her nipples were awesome. An odd thing that was she kept the nipples after the last pregnancy. I love preg tits. Her sister got pregnant about 6 months ago, and became insatiable... her husband wanted me to fuck her, just so he could get a break. He is kind of a Beta. SIL came to stay with us while her hubby was in Ukraine on work. SIL is still here, and I fuck my wife and her sister every night.
11 months ago
No noise? Moaning is the best. I should know. Knocked up but loving sex right now.
this daddy4 2 years ago
I want to see her milk dripping so I could suck it out of her beautiful nipples.
Odmx 2 years ago